Flopro Supergrip Hose Connector Starter Kit

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Along with a hose, the Flopro Supergrip Hose Connector Starter Kit is everything you need to start watering. The set includes all the connectors required to water. The water-stop connector prevents leaks when changing attachments. It also includes a robust variable spray nozzle. The connectors have an extended clench mechanism that ensures permanent hose connection, so this set gives high-quality performance that will last for years. This set includes Flopro Perfect Fit Outdoor Tap Connector. Fits taps with diameter of 1’’ (33.3mm), ¾’’ (26.5mm) and ½’’ (21mm) Flopro Supergrip Hose Tap Connector Flopro Supergrip Spray Gun Connector – waterstop Adjustable Nozzle Features Made from superior ABS plastics UV resistant Connectors and Nozzle 1/2? (12.5mm). Tap Adapter: 1? (25mm) with 3/4? (19mm) & 1/2? (12.5mm) inserts 100% compatible with all watering brands

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