FloPro Eco Smart Watering 24

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The Flopro Eco Smart Watering 24 dripper set is an efficient solar water irrigation system for your garden. You can water up to 24 pots and containers using water from your water butt. The more the sun shines so the more the system waters – and its that simple. Use this set to harvest rain water from water butts and other non-pressurised water sources. The system waters every 3 hours meaning you will save your plants from drought. You will simply never forget to water again! The system also comes with a 1 year guarantee. Features Easy to set up, easy to use You will never forget to water again Saves plants from drought, waters when you are on holiday Waters every 3 hours Night mode system detects darkness – switches controller off to prevent watering unnecessarily A 200 litre water butt typically lasts 3 weeks

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