Vitax Moss Remover

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Vitax Moss Remover is a specially developed fertiliser mixture with the high levels of potash to feed the lawn while removing moss. As the moss dies back, it is broken down by the natural bacteria, saving the back breaking work of raking it out! Moss and dead grass material builds up in lawns which can cause drainage problems in wet weather and dry patches in summer. Ordinary moss control products kill the moss, which turns black and has to be raked out of the lawn. Vitax Moss Remover feeds the lawn for up to 12 weeks, whilst the moss is digested by the natural bacteria added to the product. The mixture of organic and mineral fertilisers will not scorch the lawn if applied correctly and the actions of the natural bacteria will help enrich the root zone further helping increase soil fertility giving a healthier, greener lawn. Removes moss without scorching or blackening Greener Grass in just 7 days Feeds the lawn for up to 3 months

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