Vitax Feed & Weed 100 sq.m.

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Vitax Feed and Weed: Kills common lawn weeds and encourages grass regrowth Apply from April to September Contains clopyralid, 2,4-D and MCPA A soluble concentrate, one bottle will cover approximately 100m2 of lawn. Once applied, Feed and Weed quickly kills off any weeds and encourages grass growth to cover bare areas left by dead weeds. Vitax Feed and Weed should be applied when the soil is moist and weeds are actively growing and leafy. Do not apply in windy weather and where possible avoid drift onto crops and non-target plants. It will kill weeds present at time of application but will not prevent weeds from germinating. Following treatment do not mow the affected area for three days to allow full uptake by the weeds. Always use plant protection products safely and carefully read the label.

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