Fuchsia Feed

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A high potash liquid fertiliser, Fuchsia Feed contains added trace elements to promote strong healthy growth and improve flowering. Fuchsias are vigorous plants that thrive in rich porous soil, but when grown in planters, hanging baskets and tubs they require frequent feeding and watering. Fuchsia Feed: Easy-to-use liquid feed Can be used on all flowering plants around the garden High potash with added trace elements To achieve healthy growth and flowers, nourish with Fuchsia Feed once a week ensuring the soil is moist, but not waterlogged. Never allow a fuchsia plant to become dry as it will affect flowering and growth. Fuchsia Feed is versatile and can be used on other hardy plants around the garden to improve overall health and help produce abundant blooms. Dilute Fuchsia Feed as instructed and apply with a watering can at the base of the plant.

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